‚ÄčEnso was released January 21, 2012 to an astoundingly low amount of fanfare. While my mother no longer represents 50% of all copies sold, the early days were occasionally painful to watch. 

None of this mattered whatsoever, however.

On that magical list of firsts which I know I am not alone in holding so dear, Enso will remain near the top. The mixture of pride and terror when something I wrote was finally available to the world is something I can only imagine others feeling as they watch a child leave for college. That transition from controlling every aspect of a release (especially as a self-published author) to having no control whatsoever over who might be reading your work is almost indescribable (I even look over my wife's shoulder when she borrows my phone!).

What has blown me away in the time since Enso was released are the number of questions people have asked. Where did the novel come from? Was [insert location] real? What were you listening to as you wrote this? Who was Maruko based on? How did you name her? (To be honest, question-wise, the ratio of Maruko to anything non-Maruko has been roughly one-to-one.) 

With this website, I finally have the ability to answer these and many other questions. 

I know I've been looking forward to having such a forum. I hope you'll enjoy as well. As always, I welcome your feedback - especially if you have a question you'd like to have me answer.