Note Cards? Post-it Notes? Tabletops, baby!

Did you know (and who outside of my now wife could) that Enso was entirely outlined (and often even written!) on a glass table top in my apartment? This very piece of glass - which was never, to my knowledge, used as an actual tabletop - at one time or another had almost the entire novel on it.

Ever wondered something about your favorite story? Me too. While I can't tell you everything about every other book ever written, I can tell you a fair bit about mine... Here we go.

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What's in a name?

Maruko's name came about as the combination of two factors.

First, her name is in reference to Haruki Murakami - an author whom I would assume needs no introduction. I have always enjoyed Murakami's work (I even met my wife as a result of one of his novels) and the idea of paying him tribute in my first novel made a lot of sense to me at the time. Why not name her MURAKO? It's just not as pretty - is it.

Second, MARU means "circle" in Japanese. Circles are everywhere in Enso - even in the name of its lead character.