Namba Station

Connor's (and my) initial impression of Osaka is the contrast between his colorless hometown and the explosion of neon he finds in Japan. These pictures, taken on a rather old camera, don't even begin to explain how blinding Osaka can be.

My Osaka adventure, much like that of my protagonist, began here, in an area of Osaka called Namba Station. Many of the first scenes in Enso come directly from my impressions of this area and even from a few of the distinct characters I found wandering thereabouts (more on them later).    

The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" seems to have been around for some one hundred years now. If that is the case, then Enso must have been born of about sixty-five of them. While I'm not sure how accurate this will prove to be, here are some of my favorites. 

​*Once again, please be aware of the potential for SPOILERS in this section

"..what would have seemed, only a continent ago, a circus act."

Another one of the early images that found its way with little alteration into the early pages of Enso, was this 'Goth kid' with his umbrella and guitar. Osaka is filled with daring performers. I say daring not because of what each does, for they seem extreme only to the very people they are not seeking the attention of anyway, but because there are just so many different people who are so very comfortable being themselves in one tiny area (again, Namba). 

There is another reason why I will always hold this guy dear to me as well. Upon reading an early draft of Enso, my Aunt stated that this scene in Chapter Two was the first place where she felt that I showed any real writing ability (a backhanded compliment, no doubt, as this scene appeared a full one-fifth of the way through the text, but hey, praise is praise). I hope she liked the finished product, and I hope you do as well.