"Transatlanticism" Death Cab for Cutie

Bound in Neon was a reaction. Before I set about writing a novel set in Macau, my intent was simply to not rewrite Enso. The music I selected was darker, and the novel these songs produced is darker as well. This song has it all - though I'll be curious how the reader will place it. For me, this song is the lapping waves and long, dark hallways. It is the feeling of being overwhelmed and of realizing that one longs not to be. Ultimately, Bound in Neon is a story of freedom, but the value of freedom is only equal to that which one must overcome. This song, for me, represents a beautiful obstacle - one which, by overcoming it, defines the freedom one eventually achieves. 

"Jin Chi" Faye Wong

I heard Jin Chi years before ever traveling to Macau. Its haunting beauty speaks for itself and I was hooked on it from first listen. When I started to write a story set in Macau - and when I knew it would be a story told through the eyes of a woman - this song immediately found its way onto a playlist. As the story took shape, this became Shy's theme song.

*As was the case with Enso's theme song, Voyager, I have no idea what this song is actually saying. Still, you listen to it as you read the book and tell me if it doesn't fit just perfectly.

​Music has always been a large part of my process. This was even more the case with Bound than it had been with Enso. Most chapters had a single theme song, which I would listen to on constant repeat while writing and revising.

"Atlantic City" Bruce Springsteen

As many of you are due to find out soon enough, Bound in Neon is more than a few stories tied in one. One aspect, one of the main characters, is the city of Macau herself. Not quite Vegas, though just as glitzy and not quite Atlantic City, though every bit as gritty and then some, Macau is a city where many dreams are born and die. If one listens, one can almost here her seductive whisper - Come to me and make your wish... Fear not if the stars are invisible here, nor how blindingly my neon burns, for dreams in this town are made and lost on piles of clay anyhow. Take your chance. How bad could it be?

If Jin Chi became Shy's song, Atlantic City became Robert's. Please tell me if you find it a fitting theme as well.