Bound in Neon was inspired by a trip I took to Macau in 2007. That the trip which led to my second book occurred five years before my first book, Enso, was released is significant in that I experienced Macau without fully realizing that I'd someday write about it.

Still, compared to Enso, Bound came together quickly once I started in on it. Many of the characters and scenes were inspired by what I saw in Macau, though far less than had been the case with Enso. As such, the photos associated with this page will be far less literal in their relationship to the story than are the ones on Enso's page.

What Bound did rely upon was a collection of songs which guided my writing. Many of those will find their way to the Songs section. 

The Questions tab (And the pages associated with this second novel in general) will be left a bit bare in these early days, and this is by design. the launching of coincides with the release of Bound, and I really want the reader to form their own unguided opinions before I reveal a lot of where my inspiration came from. I am also even more sensitive to the potential spoiling of one's experience through extensive preview.

That said, as you enjoys my new book, enjoy what is here as well, and please keep checking back.